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Because we keep our overhead low, over 95% of all investments in Que Huong Charity Center go directly to our programs. There are a number of ways you can invest in Que Huong Charity Center.



You also send a check to:

Que Huong Charity Center

P. O. Box 9267

Fountain Valley, CA 92728


Tel: 415-786-1278 (Mr. Barry)

Tel: 714-264-5465 (Mr. Cuong Tran)

Tel: 657-271-3711 (Ms. Tieu Huong)


Que Huong Charity Center has public charity 501 (c) (3) status, which means that all donations to us are tax deductible. Send email to to make other arrangements including Donations of Stock. Please note that we are eligible for corporate matching gifts. If you work for a company with such a program, please let us know so that we can maximize the amount of good your contribution can accomplish. You can also join our big program, which seeks to establish a long-term financial partnership between us. For information on this program,




Thank you for your support it makes a big difference!