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Our Programs

The Que Huong Charity Center is home to more than 150 orphaned children. Most are disabled (the majority being blind). The Center is responsible for everything these children need 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to grow and become a part of the community when they reach adulthood. Of course this includes feeding them, clothing them and educating them. This all costs money. Thanks to our many sponsors, this happens.

Besides these necessities, here are other exciting programs taking place at the Center:


Computer Education


A computer room has been set up at the center including all the special equipment needed to teach the blind children computer skills. This has become an important part of all the children’s education and there are experienced teachers and volunteers there to help. This is a necessary skill to prepare all the children for future jobs. Many of the children (including the blind) are becoming very proficient in these skills.




The disabled children are educated entirely at the Center by specially trained teachers. The children that are not disabled attend public schools outside of the Center. This is important to these children so they see what life is like outside of the Center.

Music is a very important part of the Center and they have wonderful music teachers. They all love to sing and several play musical instruments. The blind especially have a love for music since it is something they can do as well as or better than the other children. One highlight of the music program is a very professional water puppet show that is put on by the Center. Many people have seen and enjoyed this show.

A new program has just been started where the children are learning and performing circus tricks from a professional trainer. As an example, some are learning to ride unicycles; others are learning to be fire eaters and fire dancers, etc.

Arts and crafts are also taught and loved by all the children. They learn to sew and to do very high quality beadwork.


Water Bottling Plant


Within the past year, a new water bottling plant has been built at the Center. This business is expanding and soon people from outside the Center will have to be hired to help run it. This is another job skill the children are learning. Eventually, this will help support the Center as one of the goals is to make the Center self-supporting.


Beauty School


A new school was constructed this past year to teach the girls to do hair, nails and makeup. Again, this is an important job skill and will also help the Center become more self-supporting.


Future Clinic (Coming Soon)


A new two-story building is under construction at the Center for the future dental and health clinic. Several dentists and doctors have already volunteered to donate their time. This clinic will support our orphans and also help families that cannot afford healthcare. We hope we do not have to explain how important this will be to the community!

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